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Caroline was commissioned to design and make costumes, props and a puppet for an interactive performance installation that was a collaboration with Norwegian dance company Dybwikdans. Toddlers Room is a touring production for children aged 0-3 years that takes place in a sensual visual room with dance, music, designed objects & costume. The design invites close interaction between performer and child. Colors, texture, materials gives the child different sensory experiences through sight, sound, touch and movement. The piece has toured extensively across Scandanavia and the UK where it has been programmed at festivals such as bOing! and the Edinburgh International Chidren's Festival.


Performer: Marie Ronold Mathisen


Images & Film: Rune Bergan, Dybwikdans, Caroline Collinge.


Supported by the municipality of Stavanger, Sandnes, Rogaland County Council, Fund for Performing Artists & UIS.