cabinet of curiosity bird  image on white_LETTERBOX

Design-led site responsive dance performance inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Victorian novel about feminine psychology. The dance piece was staged within a variety of architectural spaces in London and Prague including St Pancras Crypt, Battersea Arts Centre and a shopping centre in Camberwell for Camberwell Arts Festival. Each different location featured different performers, collaborators and design.


A large scale crinoline dress worn by the dance performer  created the scenographic space that transformed the body through its' folded form. The dress mirrored not only the concepts of birth and metamorphosis explored within the novel but also came to symbolise the Victorian space that contained the female narrator.


Supported through funding by Camberwell Arts & The Peter Minet Trust.


Dance performer & choreography: Sophie Arstall

Cellist performer & composer: Ute Kanngeiser


Photography by Caroline Collinge