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Since 2011 we have worked as consultant artists on Rivers of the World: the Thames Festival Trust's flagship, year-round, international education programme, delivered in partnership with the British Council's Connecting Classrooms. Rivers of the World provides opportunities and resources for teachers and students to learn about their local river and to compare this to other rivers in cities around the world.  The students follow up their river study with the creation of huge artworks for public display beside their own river and in all partner cities. The project has involved us working in numerous schools across London, leading art and design workshops which introduce pupils to new art and design techniques.


Now in its eleventh year, this extraordinary project has been welcomed in more than twenty countries around the world. It has engaged with 80,000 young people 5,000 schools and 10,000 teachers in London and internationally since it began. An estimated one million people see the artworks every year through open-air exhibitions in London and participating cities around the world. In London, they are displayed by the Thames on the South Bank during Totally Thames.














Rivers of the World Education workshops

Thames Festival Trust & British Council