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STEAM Maker in Residence in the Silk Mill Museum Derby, also known as the Museum of Making, housed within one of the first industrialised factories in the UK. The museum commissioned Cabinet of Curiosity to undertake research into their collection and cultural heritage towards an outcome that would engage members of the public in their unique makers space at the museum.


During our residency we investigated the different ways in which toys have been historically used as a device  to educate children and adults about the industrial revolution, science and engineering. We created digital stop motions using objects within the museum collection, researched the stories, people and architecture connected to the  Silk Mill and  designed a series of paper engineered toys, including a pop-up of the Silk Mill. These were presented as a kit of parts within a chest that aimed to engage children in  learning about the heritage of the museum through making.


Photography and film by Cabinet of Curiosity.