cabinet of curiosity bird  image on white


Forest of Imagination is a free, pop-up contemporary arts event celebrating creativity and nature. The World Heritage City’s abbey and nearby Abbey Green and Kingston Parade were transformed by a playful programme of sensory installations, artworks and participatory creative activities for visitors of all ages.


Cabinet of Curiosity studio created an outdoor installation of laser cut, painted and folded cardboard creatures at a variety of scales to create a bird’s eye view of forests – drawing on the idea that birds can see many more colours than humans. The  menagerie of lemurs, Malagasan giant chameleons, and the humble pigeon accompanied a soundscape of authentic sounds of the Madagascan forests by Martyn Ware (Illustrious), founder of Heaven 17 and Human League .


Images: Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Paper Menagerie

Festival of Imagination Bath