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The Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence scheme supported cultural, creative and creative-digital sector entrepreneurs in a short-term residency with one of CWL’s research partners. The programme made awards to 31 entrepreneurs across three rounds. Key benefits to the entrepreneur were:


—To gain access to the partner institution’s networks and resources,

—Develop researcher/business collaboration,

—Foster long-term relationships leading to potential job growth,

—Gain in-depth knowledge of the Higher Education Sector.


For our residency with the V & A Museum of Childhood research was undertaken of the museum’s collection the Robert Freidus Architectural Model Collection, a unique archive of over 140,000 paper models. Our aim was to investigate the educational value of architectural paper models, in particular, how they might be used to engage young people and families in creative design. In addition we sought to uncover paper craft techniques that could be incorporated into the Cabinet of Curiosity Studio’s existing skill set.


Via access to Robert Freidus’s collection and the archive of the Cut It Fold It Make It exhibition we were able to uncover 19th and 20th century paper craft skills and explore how models can communicate paper engineering techniques narratives to the public. A by-product of the research was the digitisation of a considerable portion of the Robert Freidus collection. Furthermore, through their research the studio was able to assimilate a complex set of skills required for 19th century Pellerin model making.


Academic Partner: Catherine Howell, The V&A


Images: V&A Museum/Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

Paper Architecture: flat sheet to folded form

Creativeworks London