cabinet of curiosity bird  image on white

The #Untitled 10


The Bowes Centre for The Bowes Museum


Caroline is amongst ten artists-in-residence across arts, craft and design disciplines who have been commissioned to develop new work in response to The Bowes Museum that focuses on the processes involved in making.

Caroline has been researching the architecture and history of the Bowes Museum to craft paper scenes on a miniature scale. Original architectural drawings of the Bowes Museum have been transformed into paper models which draw inspiration from the visual storytelling techniques found in paper toy theatres and pop-up books.  The craft process of experimentation and prototyping of these paper objects incorporates traditional Japanese crafts of origami and katagami combined with contemporary fabrication techniques such as laser cutting.

The work will be shown in a group exhibition in the Bowes Museum rooms and gallery spaces between October 2019 and February 2020.












Green House


Viewpoints Commission for Festival of Thrift


Cabinet of Curiosity Studio are amongst five artists commissioned to create new work for an exciting and ambitious project focused on clean air and sustainable living in the Tees Valley. Viewpoints will include sculptures, installations and artworks displayed across the Tees Valley during the run up to the Festival of Thrift weekend.

Cabinet of Curiosity Studio will be creating an architectural installation that will showcase contemporary fabrication techniques using materials that reduce toxicity in the home and will contain a living environment of plants that possess the most effective air cleaning properties. Other highlights include a lung cleaning station, a giant canary, an observation platform and a giant drawing using ink from a surprising source!

Green House will be installed within Darlington Market. An accompanying group exhibition showing the design processes involved in making Green House will be exhibited at Palace Arts Gallery in Redcar.